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Ethical Finance

Research and information:

  • Ethical Investment Research Service – the largest UK service, keeps tabs on companies and oppressive governments for many institutional investors
  • Coreratings – rating agency providing independent investment analysis of corporate responsibility risks
  • Ethical screening – conducts detailed research and analysis into a wide range of corporate social responsibility issues, from human rights to environmental exploitation.
  • FTSE – the world’s first significant series of share indices designed specifically for socially responsible investors
  • Ethical Investors – specialist financial advice service to all those who care about their world and its preservation
  • Sriworld – personal finance site devoted to socially responsible investing including complete coverage of social mutual funds, community investment, and shareowner action (based in the US)
  • Trustnet – massive, daily up-dated but free to access website contains information about all kind of investment funds, ethical or otherwise
  • Inaise – the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy is a global network of socially and environmentally oriented financial institutions
  • Integra Venture – The Integra Venture is a network of Community Economic agencies in Central and Eastern Europe that offers practical and professional help for entrepreneurs to start and grow their business


  • Co-operativebank – the only UK clearing bank to publish an ethical investment policy, it has now more than 3 million customer accounts
  • Smile – the UK first internet-only bank launched by the Co-operative Bank with the same ethical investment policy
  • Ecology – small mutual building society whose savings accounts are only used to fund mortgages considered to be green
  • Triodos – a specialist ethical savings bank
  • Charitybank – “the world’s first non-for-profit bank”
  • JAK – first co-operative, interest-free bank in Sweden
  • Gemeinschaftsbank – the first ethical-ecological bank in Germany. The bank was founded in 1974 with currently over 3.400 projects
  • lanef – French cooperative for social finance- over 10,000 members (sorry website only in French!)
  • Esfin-ides – a French ethical banking group (sorry website only in French!)
  • Soficatra – the first European venture capital organisation in social finance that provides finance, service and coaching support, with shareholders in 7 countries, mainly in Belgium (SNI), France (ESFIN) and Italy (CFI)
  • Merkurbank – a Danish ethical bank (sorry, website only in Dane !)


  • Templar History
  • Wikipedia
  • New Advent
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